Restaurant One Soul Brasov.

One Soul. The refined miracle of nature.

One Soul. Cool-dining.
One Soul. London’s cool-dining, inspired by the charming stories of Brașov.
The authentic taste of nature.

One Soul Restaurant in Brașov sprinkles the creativity of haute cuisine onto a cool-dining, accurate formula, accessible to gastronomic challenge aficionados. It celebrates the savor of authentic tastes, mixing the sun of Tuscany and the fresh breeze on the coasts of Brittany into stories that carry the tumult of Saint Malo tides or the hustle and bustle of the fishing villages in Normandy’s gulfs. The restaurant unveils new meanings in exceptional ingredients, derived from small controlled ecological farms, fresh greens and vegetables from organic gardens, alongside organic herbs and spices, unleashing nature’s full flavour extravagance.

It is famous for its fresh fish dishes, valuable lobster species, shrimps or seafood, but above all, for the mastership in the best handling techniques of these types of meat of an experienced chef, trained at prestigious schools and in famous international kitchens.

Szilárd Lőrincz, a London-certified chef.

Szilárd Lőrincz’s passion, fueled by creativity, spontaneity and talent, is backed by two UK-accredited management and culinary art BAs, doubled by excellence traineeships in internationally renowned Michelin-star kitchens. Borrowing a bit of this identity, One Soul focuses on contemporary cuisine, blending regional and global cultural symbols into a combination of old and new, able to boost the new, ignite passions and guarantee quality, the key ingredients of a soulful story.

It tells its stories in a discrete ambiance, borrowing its pastels from the harmony of the earth, to continue its whispers in the creamy fresh butter notes or the brown fresh bread tones. As all other specialties on One Soul’s menu, the bread is homemade, from the dough and sourdough battered by a baker who grinds his wheat and rye using a millstone runner, on his own property, at the outskirts of Brașov.

Cool-dining. Inspired by the charming stories of Brașov.

One Soul is the creative space of sauces, the infinite space of spectacular blends of tastes and organic flavors, with textures and ingredients that manage to surprise you at every step and inspire epiphanies. Thoughts from here and afar come together in savory and healthy menus, to delight the senses and reinvigorate the body and the mind. The blue lobster with Jerusalem artichoke purée and Malaysian sauce actually evokes the rumpus of London and its vanity as the world capital of culinary art.

The lobster and basil dumplings are recollections of the legends born on the hills of Transylvanian, sprinkled with chic memories of Mayfair Conduit Street, the cultural heart of London. A selection of fine wines completes the details that shape the identity and soul of the place.

One Soul is an emotion. Pure, intense and personal. “I really enjoy personally meeting our guests, so that I can share all these emotions with them. When you meet your cook, the place gains a soul. And when people can feel that soul, they will want to come back. This place needed a unique emotional touch, which actually is the big secret of everlasting connections, and also the only thing money cannot buy”, said Szilárd Lőrincz.